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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular battle royal game in India and is also one of the most popular variants of PUBG Mobile.

As PUBG Mobile is going to have its upcoming 1.9 updates, BGMI will also receive the update on the same day.

Before releasing the final version, the developers always run a test beta server to fix bugs and glitches.

As always PUBG Mobile has already launched the beta version for the 1.9 updates. This article will share the release date of the new version as well as some of the exclusive features that BGMI may have in the future.

Game NameBGMI – Battlegrounds Mobile India
Update Size In Android1GB+
Update Size In IOS1.5GB+
Release DateMarch 2022
New FeaturesNew Assault Mode, New Bridge, Beard Unlock & More

BGMI 1.9 Version Release Date

The latest BGMI update version 1.9.0 is scheduled for February 2022. The expected update size is above 900 MB.

New Features In BGMI 1.9.0 Update

So you can see many new features In BGMI 1.9.0 Version In this post, I’ll update everything when we get any new leaks of bgmi for the 1.9 Version so stay tuned for the latest updates.

New Cheer Park In Bgmi 1.9

So we can see the new cheer park in bgmi 1.9 version. It is the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of Pubg Mobile so they created a cheer park for the Celebration you check out this video to explore the cheer park.

New Cheer Park In Bgmi 1.9 Update

In this cheer park, we can see a tracking center so that we can play a car racing game in bgmi. Seriously man this is going insane.

Latest Updates On IconicTechs!!

New Assault Arena Mode

Also, we can see Another mode in Arena that’s name is Assault. This mode is like a Team deathmatch but In the assault map, we will play the game in Erangle and livik and all the things are the same as TDM.

Check This video for the complete details of Assault Arena Mode In BGMI 1.9 Update.

Assault Arena Mode In BGMI 1.9 Update

New Beard Character & A Season 4 Female Character

Also, we can see a Unique beard Character In bgmi 1.9 updates also an old female Character is back in this BGMI Version

This Character is completely free we can get this beard and female Character from BP coins so I can say that it’s completely free for all.

New Beard Character & A Season 4 Female Character In BGMI 1.9

New Bridge In Erangle Mode

Also, Bgmi changes the size of Bridges. They increase the width of the bridge & also create the bottom of the bridge.

New Bridge 2.0 In Erangle Mode

So Now I found these things at all.

Stay Tuned for more updates!!

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