Could Not Copy Bitmap To Parcel Blob Samsung Android 12

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The error message “could not copy bitmap to parcel blob” typically occurs when an application is trying to pass a bitmap image from one activity to another using a Parcelable object, but the process is failing.

This issue is often caused by a limitation in the Android operating system when trying to pass large bitmaps between activities.

In Android 12, there is a new feature called ‘Parcelable Enhancements’, which aims to improve the performance and security of the Parcelable class.

It includes a new way to serialize and deserialize objects, which could affect how your app deals with bitmaps when passing them from one activity to another.

How To Solve Could Not Copy Bitmap To Parcel Blob Samsung Android 12?

To resolve this issue, you can try the following:

  • Reduce the size of the bitmap before passing it.
  • Use other approaches like passing the image path or URI instead of the Bitmap.
  • Use a library like Glide or Picasso to handle the bitmap.
  • Use the new ‘Parcelable Enhancements’ feature of Android 12 to pass the bitmap in a more optimized way.

It’s also recommended to check the app’s logcat output to see if there are any specific error messages that may help identify the root cause of the problem and to check if there is any update available for the app.

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