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You are currently viewing God of War Ragnarok Controls: Mastering the Art of Battle
Credit: IGN

In this article, I Will Give you all the controls of God of War Ragnarok. If You want to play God of War Ragnarok Game then you should definitely know the all the controls of this game

Credit: IGN

God of War Ragnarok Controls

  • Left Stick – Movement
  • L3 (Click in on Left Stick) – Sprint
  • Right Stick – Camera Control
  • Circle – Interact (Item Pickups, Climb, Enter, Shop, etc)
  • Triangle – Talk (If icon is present at shop)
  • Touch Pad – Map and Character Screen
  • Option – Options Menu

Combat Controls:

  • R3 (Click in on Right Stick) – Target Lock (at range), Stun Grab (when prompted)
  • R1 – Light Attack
  • R1 – Heavy Attack
  • L1 – Block (Hold), Parry (Tap), Block Break or Smash (Double Tap)
  • L2 – Aim Ranged Weapon
  • L3 + R3 – Spartan Rage (When charged)
  • L2 + R1 – Axe Throw (Leviathan Axe), Hyperion Pull (Blades of Chaos)
  • L2 + R2 – Freezing Throw (Leviathan Axe), Blazing Surge (Blades of Chaos)
  • L1 + R1 – Light Runic Attack
  • L1 + R2 – Heavy Runic Attack
  • Triangle – Return Axe (when thrown), Permafrost or Immolation (when held)
  • L1 + Triangle – Furious Immolation and Glacial Permafrost (When meter is full)
  • L1 + Circle – Activate Relic
  • Cross – Sidestep (tap), Evade Dodge (double tap)
  • Square – Companion Attack (tap), Runic Summon or Special Ability (hold)
  • D-Pad (Up) – Swap Arrow Type
  • D-Pad (Right) – Equip Primary Weapon
  • D-Pad (Left) – Equip Secondary Weapon
  • D-Pad (Down) – Equip Tertiary Weapon

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