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You are currently viewing Chat with GTA 5 Characters Like Never Before: New Mod Brings AI Conversations

Guess what, gamers?

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There’s a amazing new thing for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) that lets you talk to game characters in a whole new way.

It’s like they’re real people you can have chats with! And it’s all thanks to something called ai, which is like computer smarts.

So, in this mod, the people who made it, especially a person named Bloc, worked hard to make game characters interesting.

You know how each person you meet is different?

Well, in this mod, they act different too. It’s because of the way you choose your character and how you play the game.

Bloc, Creator Of This Ai Mod said he got the idea after watching people talk about other mods for different games.

Some people didn’t think AI, which makes computers smart, was a big deal for games. But Bloc wanted to show them that AI could be awesome for gaming.

Now, let’s see how this amazing mod works.

First, you have to get it from a place called Nexus Mods. Then, you can start talking to different characters you find in the game.

And here’s the really cool part – you can talk to them using your voice!

Yep, just like when you talk on the phone. The characters can hear you and talk back. It’s almost like they’re real!

Bloc thinks that AI characters could be a big deal in the future of gaming. But he also thinks they might not be right for every type of game.

It’s like how not every flavor of ice cream is your favorite, right?

The mod, called Sentient Streets, is made in a fancy way. It uses more than 30 different computer smarts to work its magic.

And guess what?

Lots of people are interested in it. They’ve downloaded it more than 1,700 times! And it’s been looked at about 24,000 times.

There’s a company called Inworld that helped make this mod even cooler. They really like AI and got a whole bunch of money, $50 million, to make better AI for games.

Now, they’re worth a HUGE $500 million! That’s a lot of dollars.

One thing to know is that each character in Sentient Streets has its own personality and story. Some characters might take a bit of time to answer you, and sometimes they might sound a bit plain.

But it’s still pretty neat to talk to them. This mod makes you think about how characters in games could be even more interesting.

So, if you love playing GTA 5 and want to try something new, check out this mod. It’s like having your own chats with game characters!

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