How to Play Ludo?

How to Play Ludo? | A Beginner’s Guide

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Ludo has stood the test of time and enthusiastically transitioned into the online gaming world.

What started as a fun board game around the 6th century and has mentions of it in
The epic text of Mahabharata is capturing hearts today across the globe.

Although it is impossible to have never heard of the game, you may have missed out on playing it.

If you have, this beginner’s guide will take you through Ludo rules, gameplay, etc. By the end of this guide, you will have enough confidence to start a game.

The Basic Overview of Ludo

Ludo is designed for two to four players; each has four tokens or pawns. The game revolves
around taking the tokens across the board, and moving them strategically so they can safely reach the home base or the finish line.

The token’s movements are determined by how the dice are rolled. The tokens cannot be moved around the board if you don’t roll a six on the dice. Only after rolling a six you can bring the tokens out of the starting line and be in the

Understanding Ludo’s gameplay

  • Rolling the dice – Each player has their own set of four tokens, and the game starts
    with each player taking turns rolling the dice. The player rolling a six on the die starts the game, and the turn proceeds clockwise. In online gaming platforms, most Ludo games offer a time-based environment. Hence, you will have a limited time to roll the dice. You will lose your turn if it isn’t rolled within the specified time. Hence, be alert and avoid distractions when playing intense matches.
  • Token movement – Once you have rolled the dice, you can move your tokens to the
    corresponding number of spaces. Tokens can come out of the starting line if you have rolled a six, and the tokens move forward. So, every time you roll a six, you can bring a new token onto the board. Or you can choose to move an existing token forward and closer to the home area. After your tokens are out of the starting point, you can move them according to the numbers rolled.
  • Capture and block opponents’ tokens – Ludo is not only about moving the tokens to the home area. It is also about capturing your opponents’ tokens and blocking their progress. By capturing your opponent’s tokens, you will send them back to the starting point. This will give you a competitive edge and even help you get bonus points.
  • Enter the home area – Once you have brought all your tokens out to play, be careful when you are in the home stretch. You must play cautiously near the home area and not make impulsive decisions. You must roll the exact number to win once your tokens are in the home area. The player to get all four tokens to the finish line wins.

If you play online Ludo matches, the objective may not always be to take all the tokens to the
finish line. It is also about scoring the highest.

What are the strategies for achieving success?

Bring out all the tokens as soon as possible To win the match, it is essential to have a solid strategy. You must try to bring out all the tokens as quickly as possible. Many newbies make the mistake of focusing on a single

But once that token is captured or reaches the finish line, you must wait several turns until you roll a six to return to the game. Hence, bring out all the tokens so you always have options, and remember to spread them across the board strategically.

Balance reward and risk

Your success will be significantly impacted by your decisions and choices throughout the
game. So, whether you are moving multiple tokens or a single token, it will affect the overall game’s outcome.

Block and capture tokens

It is essential to strategically place the tokens across the board to create obstacles in your
opponents’ path. Also, if the opportunity arises, do not hesitate to capture their tokens and send them back to the starting point.

Avoid playing impulsively

Every move you make must be carefully planned. You must avoid moving the tokens impulsively. This will not help you achieve success. Besides these, observing your opponent’s gameplay is a good idea.

You can learn a lot by seeing how your opponent moves their tokens across the board. You can implement the different tactics while playing practice matches so you are confident about them when participating in tournaments or multiplayer battles.

How to start playing on an online Ludo platform?

Ludo has grown from its physical board form and entered the exciting online realm. You can
make your mark by choosing the right Ludo app or platform. Consider these to make an
informed decision.

Select a reputable platform or app

You must select a well-established online Ludo platform or application. User ratings, reviews,
and payment methods can determine the platform’s legitimacy.

You can even look for accreditations to ensure the platform is verified and trusted by reputable gaming organizations.

Play free practice matches and tournaments

Most online platforms offer free practice matches that can be played with opponents to keep
the competitive spirit alive.

You can also engage in challenges, tournaments, and cash contests. The more matches you play, the better your skills will improve, and you will get a sense of achievement.

Choose the game mode and learn the rules

Online platforms offer different types of Ludo. You will find the classic game with a fun twist.
For example, some apps play with three tokens instead of four and matches last four minutes.

So, go through the rules before playing.

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