How To Start A Blog (Useful Guide) Make Money Online In 2020

How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online In 2020


Hey If  You Want  How To Start A Blog Or  Earn Money From Blogging Then You Are On The Right Track. In This Article (How to Start a Blog And Make Money Online In 2020) I Will Help You How You Earn Money From Blogging In Your Part-time If You Do Not About Blogging Then Make Sure You Know Everything From Reading How To Start A Blog.


Recruitment’s For Create A Money Making Blog

First Of All, You Have To Need A Good Internet Connection, Mobile Phone, A Computer So Everyone Has These Things At This Time How To Start A Blog

And The Second One Is Purchasing A Hosting Or A Domain If You Are Able To Purchase These Things Then You Can Read My This Article (How To Earn Money From Blogging  Totally Free Of Cost.

What Is Hosting?

Hosting Is A Most Useful Thing For A Starter Blogger, Let Me Tell You What Is Hosting So Here I Am Using A Example, Suppose You Have A Computer | Laptop Anything And A Hard disk In It So That’s Save All Your Data And Provide You All Data At Your Exact Time. As The Same Work Doing Our Hosting Server, Save Our Data And Provide Data When Someone Wants Through The Website.

There Are Many Hosting Or Domain Companies But I Personally Recommended One Of The Best Hosting’s

What Is The Domain? 


Domain Is The Address Of Url Its Connected With Our Hosting. Check My Url Baar Is My Domain Or It’s Connected My Hosting If You Want To Domain In Cheapest Price Then You Can Contact Me On Instagram.

Some Best Hosting Companies

  • Godaddy 
  • NameCheap

Make Sure You Purchased These Things (Domain & Hosting)

How To Start A Blog In Easy Way?


So Firstly Choose A Topic On Which You Want To Create Your Blog And The Topic Should Be In Which You Should Be Interested, It Says That Work Done Without Mind Goes Waste.

So Personally I Recommend Choose A Best With Your Interest. Now You Have To Purchase A Hosting Server And Also A Domain In Which The Name Of Your Topic Will Come, Which Will Benefit Your Website Ranking. Now Connect Your Domain With Your Hosting Server It’s Very Easy And Installs WordPress In Your Hosting Server So Your Site Will Be Done It’s A Very Easy Process So Anyone Can Do It, No Coding Requirements You Can Do It Without Any Course.

So After That If You Want To Customize Your Website Design So You Can Change It. Now I Am Telling You How To Earn Money From Blogging Here I Will Tell You Some Things That You Can Make Money From Blogging. So Let’s Start Our Main Point.

Create Awesome Content

If Your Blog Is Ready For Publish Then Make Some Unique Content In Your Blog For Your Readers, Without Content, Your Blog Does Not Exist.

Make Sure Your Blog Posts Are

Knowledgeable Content And Add Good Images Related To Your Article

Create Important Links In Your Posts For The Help Of Readers

Create Unique Images

Post-Thumbnail Is The Best Way To Attract Your Users Because The First Person Who Visits The Website Sees The Images, So The Better Your Image Is, The More The User Will Be Surprised. So Use Clear And Simple Images In Your Post .

How To Get Traffic For Blogs


Most Of The Best Things Is How To Get Traffic In Your Website? Many Other Peoples Asked Me About How To Get Traffic In Free Sources. There Are Many Ways To Get Traffic In Your Website So Here I Am Telling You Best Method To Get Traffic With The Help Of Google & Social Media Like Facebook  | Instagram.

Get Traffic With The Help Of Seo ( Search Engine Optimization)


Seo Is Not Dead Seo Is The One Of The Best Source For The Traffic But It Is Not Easy To Learn Seo From Google Seo Is Totally Depended On Your Content But Many Things Included In Seo So Firstly I Recommended Learn Seo

Here Is The Best Source Of Learn SEO In Proper Way So Start Your SEO Class Now For Free.

Social Media

In The Time Of 2020 Social Media Is Also Best For Users Many Peoples Regularly Share Own Problems In Social Media Accounts So Take Advantage Of This That You Can Get Traffic To Your Site From Social Media Best Social Media Platforms Are,

You Will Get The Result From Your Own Calculation That You Are Targeting An Audience And How You Are Doing.

These Are Best Social Media Plugins For A WordPress Blogger


How To Get Traffic From Social Media?

Many Peoples Do Not Know To Get Traffic From Facebook So Here I Am Telling Some Important Facts About Social Media I Have 8 Years Of Social Media Experience So I Know How To Do It So, First Of All, Create A Group Or Page For Your Blog You Can Also Use Your Personal Account But I Personally Suggest You Create A Group Or Page Related To Your Blog After That Add Some Peoples Who Want Your Help So Wrote An Article For Those Who Want To Take Your Help This Is The Very Easy Process To Get Traffic From Social Media.

Use Push Up Notification In Your Blog

Push Up Notification Is The Best Way To Get Traffic Instantly What Happens With This Is That As Soon As You Enable Push Notifications On Your Website And If The User Gets Notifications From Your Website So As Soon As You Publish Anything On Your Website, Its Notification Goes To The User’s Device Its Help You A Lot Get Huge Traffic Without Any Cost Or Source.

Build Your Email List

An Email List Is A Very Good Source Of Traffic And You Can Do Anything Online From It Like Affiliate Marketing | Network Marketing | Blogging. Right Now No One Focus On This  Because This Is A Way In Which You Get Some Extra Work, But If You Take The Email Of The User, Then You Can Send Them Any Post On Their Gmail Anytime. So Personally I Am Using This Advantage In My Website And It Also Helps A Lot For Users


How To Monetize Your Blog ( Best Way To Make Money Online From Blogging )


So Let’s Talk About How To Get Money From Blogging. There Are Many Ways To Monetize Your Blog But Here I Am Telling One Of The Best And Trusted Source For Your Blog To Monetize.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense Is One Of The Best Or Trusted Sources To Make Money At Home From Blogging It’s A Product Of Google So You Can Trust On It, Its Services Are Best Most Of The Bloggers Using Google Adsense Platform But Taking Approval Of Adsense Is Not So Easy, So First You Have To Work Hard On Your Website Then You Can Apply Your Website In Adsense If Your Website Gets Approved, Then You Can Earn By Adding Ads.

If You Are Not Getting Approval On Your Website Then I Will Recommended You To Use Google Alternative’s  In Your Website, In The Beginning, It Helps A Lot.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, The Most Profitable Thing Is This Many Bloggers Also Doing Affiliate Marketing It Is A Kind Of Marketing If You Have Large Number Of Traffic Then You Can Try It Believe Me Its Change Your Life Ever. In This, You Have To Sell The Product To The People, Whose Commission You Get, The Type Of Your Blog, That Type You Affiliate Marketing.

Can Do

There Are Four Key Players In Affiliate Marketing

  • The Merchant
  • The Network
  • The Publisher
  • The Customer

If You Have No Idea About Affiliate Marketing Then You Can Use Google You Will Be Able To Get A Lot Of Good Information Without Any Cost.

Direct Advertising

So If You Are Not Getting Google Adsense Approval Or Affiliate Approval Then You Can Do Direct Advertising In Your Website

Direct Advertising Is One Such Thing If You Promote Any Small Company, Then The Company Gives You Money For Your Advertisement.


Sponsorship Is A Great Way To Monetize Your Blog But For This, You Have To Need Traffic So Before That You Have To Focus On How To Get Traffic On Your Blog Already I Am Telling Your Without Traffic Any Website Does Not Exist So Make Sure Learn How To Make The Audience For Your Blog.

So Here I Am Telling About Sponsorship So You Can Create Sponsorship  Post But Before That, You Have To Need To Be Careful With Sponsorship. Be Sure That You’re Upfront With Your Readership. Google Also Cares Acutely About Sponsored Links And Will Penalize Your Website If You’re Selling Products Along With Penalizing The Site That You’re Linking To. Simply put, It’s Not Worth It, So Be As Transparent As Possible.

Some Questions About
How To Start A Blog 
Or Make Money Online 
From Blogging In 2020


Question : How Much Can We Earn From Blogging?

Answer : There Is No Limit It Is Depend On Your Content Or Traffic If Your Blog Is Good And Provide Knowledgable Articles Then You Can Earn A Lot From Blogging.


Questions : Start A Blog Or Earn Money From Blogging It Is Possible In 2020?

Answer : Yes, Everything Is Possible Because Blogging Will Be There As Long As Google There So In This Time Everything Is Possible, Create Your Blog.


Question : In How Many Days Can We Make Money From Blogging?

Answer :  I Am Already Telling You About That Earning Is Totally Depend On Your Content If Your Content Is Good Then You Can Make Money With In A Month


So I Hope You Liked It How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online Give Me Your Opinion In Comment Section Thanks

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