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iQOO Z7 Pro 5G: Unveiling the Fastest Smartphone with Cutting-edge Features

Unveiling its imminent launch, iQOO is on the verge of introducing the highly anticipated Z7 Pro 5G smartphone to the Indian market. The brand has already provided a glimpse into a myriad of intricate details about the device.

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This includes the distinctive 3D curved glass display, the availability of two captivating color selections, and the prominent inclusion of the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 chipset.

Notably, the brand has officially disclosed the price point of this marvel through a captivating teaser.

In a recent tweet published on Twitter, iQOO boldly asserts that the Z7 Pro 5G shall reign as the swiftest smartphone within its designated category.

This proclamation is substantiated by their subsequent tweet, wherein they cite the AnTuTu V10 benchmark results of the 8GB + 256GB variant of this device. Their assertion pertains specifically to smartphones priced below 25K on Amazon in the year 2023.

Extrapolating from this statement, we can anticipate that the iQOO Z7 Pro’s initial price shall fall below the 25,000 rupee mark.

Specifications of the iQOO Z7 Pro 5G The impending iQOO Z7 Pro 5G is poised to showcase a 6.78-inch Full HD AMOLED display, boasting an immersive 20:9 aspect ratio, coupled with the vibrancy of HDR10+ support.

iQOO Z7 Pro 5G: Unveiling the Fastest Smartphone with Cutting-edge Features

This display further dazzles with its astounding peak luminance reaching 1300 nits. It is poised to feature an exhilarating maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. Delving into its core, it is highly anticipated to accommodate the robust Dimensity 7200 chipset, accompanied by 8GB of RAM and an abundant 256GB of onboard storage.

Within the photographic realm, the device presents a promising prospect of a primary camera encompassing 64 megapixels.

Concluding its offerings, the smartphone is envisaged to be fortified with a capacious 4600mAh battery, synergized with the prowess of 66W fast charging technology.

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