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iQOO Z8 and Z8x leaks & spex

In the imminent span of this month, iQOO is poised to unveil an array of novel smartphones, orchestrating an anticipatory crescendo for tech enthusiasts.

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Dominating the spotlight is the iQOO Z7 Pro, a prodigious offering set to grace the Indian markets on the cusp of August’s closure – the 31st. Simultaneously, a parallel symphony unfolds in the realm of China, where the curtain rises on a dual spectacle – the iQOO Z8 and its kin, the iQOO Z8x.

These two luminous additions to the mid-range echelon are primed to deliver an orchestration of performance harmonizing seamlessly with their discerning price echelons.

Bated breath accompanies their forthcoming, and a perspicacious insider has graced the arena with the full orchestration of specifications for these impending marvels. Imbibe the particulars.

Sage of leaks, Ishan Agarwal, disseminates the meticulously curated symphony of specifications governing the impending iQOO Z8 and its cognate, the iQOO Z8x, through the digital megaphone of X (formerly acknowledged as Twitter).

The epicenter of visual engagement is an expansive 6.64-inch LCD diorama, aglow with a refractory cadence of 120Hz. The pictorial palette to the rear is graced by a duet of ocular maestros, orchestrated by a 64MP virtuoso – a prime conductor endowed with image stabilization, accompanied by a 2MP chiaroscurist. A complementary 16MP minstrel has been ushered to the forefront for the waltz of selfies and video concords.

Lurking within, the iQOO Z8 finds its instrumental prowess in the Mediatek Dimensity 8200 chipset, a paragon of nimble alacrity.

Ample choices bequeath thee in the realm of memory – selections ascending to the zenith of 12GB RAM, whilst storage unfolds as a siren call, beckoning with a resplendent treasury of 512GB, and a potential for augmentation extending to an opulent terabyte, achieved through the invocation of the MicroSD necromancer.

Beholden to a 5,000mAh reservoir of vigor, the iQOO Z8 is primed for a rapid replenishment through the conduit of a staggering 120W arcana.

Conspicuously similar in their thematic elements, the iQOO Z8x ascends the stage with a familiar overture – a 6.64-inch diorama illuminated by the same 120Hz orchestration, accompanied by a 2MP chiaroscurist.

Yet, its inner concerto unravels a different symphony, resonating with the strains of a Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chipset, and a promise of 12GB LPDDR4X RAM married to 256GB of UFS 2.2 storage – an expansive vista, promising expansion to a prodigious terabyte.

However, the melody of its battery is woven on a grander scale – a 6,000mAh anthem, albeit harmonizing with a more modest 44W serenade of charging.

Cognate they remain in their affinities – a 3.5mm portal of auditory liaison, the sentinel of fingerprints, NFC, and the conductor’s wand of IR control.

Their operatic narrative unfurls against the backdrop of OriginOS 3.0, an opera transcribed upon the parchment of Android 13’s libretto.

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