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New Leak Emerges Confirming Grand Theft Auto VI Setting in Vice City

In yet another intriguing development, a fresh leak surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI has come to light, solidifying the game’s backdrop as Vice City.

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With the current pace of revelations, it almost appears as if the entire details of Grand Theft Auto VI will be disclosed before Rockstar Games even contemplates an official announcement.

A surge of leaks and confidential insights has been permeating the online sphere. While many of these remain unverified rumors or conjectures, the most recent gameplay leaks are remarkably shaping a comprehensive preview of the forthcoming game.

Our glimpse into the gameplay has unveiled interior spaces of specific buildings, the dynamic performance of the revamped police AI during a vehicular pursuit, and most notably, the official confirmation of Vice City as the primary setting for the game.

The spotlight has firmly been on GTA VI’s expansive world map, a subject captivating fans. The map is rumored to be progressively expanding, encompassing not only Vice City but also several additional regions.

This expansion approach harks back to previous editions, notably Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which incorporated multiple visitable cities accessible via bridges to distinct islands.

This ongoing pattern is anticipated to echo in GTA VI.

Substantiating these speculations, a recent gameplay leak has discreetly affirmed the inclusion of Vice City. The observant eyes of dedicated fans caught a fleeting moment where the game’s protagonist explored the inside of an automobile.

The in-game camera, with impeccable timing, unveiled a distant edifice prominently bearing the moniker of Vice City. While this revelation is undeniable, it remains uncertain whether Vice City is the sole featured urban hub.

All pertinent specifics are poised for dissemination when Rockstar decides to divulge them. However, the timing of such a revelation remains an enigma.

Clues from Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s publisher, suggest a prospective 2025 launch date. If this proves accurate, an initial sneak peek might materialize later this year or sometime in 2024.

With each passing day, the impending release of GTA VI draws nearer. Yet, the anticipation continues to be a trying ordeal. Upon its debut, the game will cater to users of Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC platforms.

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