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In an exciting fusion of technology and pop culture, Pebble has introduced its latest innovation: the limited edition Pebble Game of Thrones smartwatch.

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This remarkable timepiece represents a significant partnership with the beloved Game of Thrones franchise, captivating both tech enthusiasts and fantasy aficionados alike.

The amalgamation of cutting-edge features and captivating aesthetics makes this smartwatch a true masterpiece.

Embarking on the journey of technical excellence, the Pebble Game of Thrones smartwatch boasts a vibrant 1.43-inch AMOLED display.

With a peak brightness of 700 nits and an Always-On Display (AOD), it guarantees optimal visibility in any setting. Enveloped with a metallic dial, this circular screen harmoniously integrates with a crown-shaped button and luxurious leather straps.

Unveiling a symphony of creativity, this limited edition model showcases an array of watch faces inspired by the iconic fantasy TV series.


Beyond its aesthetic allure, this wearable marvelously incorporates an array of health-focused sensors. These advanced sensors diligently monitor vital metrics such as sleep patterns, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels.

Amplifying its utility, the smartwatch presents an assortment of fitness and sports modes. Notably, it stands resilient with an IP67 water and dust resistance rating, demonstrating its durability in various environments.

Powering this innovation is a robust 250mAh battery, facilitating an impressive 7-day standby time. Compatibility knows no bounds, as the smartwatch seamlessly syncs with both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the inclusion of Bluetooth calling through an integrated microphone and speaker underscores its multifunctional prowess.

The Pebble Game of Thrones Limited Edition, available in captivating hues of Gold, Grey, and Black, can be acquired from the official Pebble website as well as Amazon India.

This wearable masterpiece, retailing at 5,499 INR (approximately 67 US Dollars), arrives in a packaging box inspired by the world of Game of Thrones, rendering the unboxing experience truly magical.

With this release, Pebble brilliantly merges technology and fantasy, captivating hearts and wrists alike.

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