Hey Gamer’s If You Playing Pubg Mobile (Full Form Of PUBG – Player Unknown Battle Ground) Game And You Are Looking For All Pubg Mobile Weapon’s Damage List So In This Article, I Will Provide You All The Information Of Pubg Mobile In Weapon Field Here I Am Showing All The Gun Information In List Wise So Read The Chart And List Clearly.

Important Information About Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile Is A World Famous Game. Everyone Knows About Pubg Mobile. This Game Is Developed By A South Korean Company That’s Name Is Tencent Corporation And The Owner Of This Game Is Brendan Greene. Pubg Mobile Is The Best Game Of the Year 2019 And Rewarded By Play Store. Right Now Pubg Mobile Has 227 Million Active Player Who Plays Pubg Mobile Regularly. This Is The Huge Number And The Net Worth Of Pubg Mobile Is 1 Billion $. 

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Weapon Stats Description
Damage  Per Shot Damage In Body Without Helmet & Vests
Magazine Capacity Gun’s Bullets Capacity Without Extended Mag
Range The Effective Duration Before The Damage Is Zero
Bullet Speed Guns Bullets Speed
Fire Rate Time Between Each Bullet Shot
DPS Damage Per Second
AR FULL FORM IN PUBG  Assault Rifles
DMR FULL FORM IN PUBG  Designated Marksman Rifles


Pubg Mobile AR Guns Damage Stats 

AR Guns (Assault Rifles Guns) : 

In This Section, I Will Provide All The Exact Information Of Pubg Mobile Assault Rifles Guns, In Short, We Can Say All The Details Of Pubg Mobile AR Guns. AR Guns Is The Most Important Guns In Pubg Mobile Every Single Player Using These AR Guns Because AR Guns Plays An Important Role In Our Skills So Let’s Checkout Damage, Bullet Speed, DPS, Fire Range And More Useful Information About Pubg Mobile’s AR Guns.

[table id=1/]


Pubg Mobile SMG Guns Damage Stats 

SMG Guns :

The Full Of SMS Is Sub Machine Gun. SMGs Are The Best Guns For Close Or Medium-Range Because of  These Guns Are Very Light Weighted Gun So Your Player Easily Take It And Do Fast Movement In Close Range So These Guns Are Beast In Pubg Mobile

[table id =2/]


Pubg Mobile Shot Guns Damage Stats

Shot Guns: Shot Guns Are Best For Close Range Fight. If You Are Not Using Shot Guns In Pubg Mobile Then You Can Practice With Shot Guns And Try Shot Guns In Close Range Fight Because Its Single Shot Is Enough To Take Down Enemy Easily So Must Try These Shot Guns


[table id =3/]


Pubg Mobile DMR Guns Damage Stats

DMR Guns: 

The Full Form Of DMR Is Designed Marksman Rifles. Dmr Guns Are Know As Sniper Rifles Guns But These Guns Are Not One Shot Kill Gun So We Called DMR Gun. These Guns Are Made For Long Range Fight And Its Damage Too High. Dmr Guns Are Perfect For Long Range Area.


[table id=5 /]

Pubg Mobile Sniper Rifles Guns Damage Stats

Sniper Rifles: Sniper Rifles Are One Of The Powerful Weapon In Pubg Mobile. These Guns Are One Shot Killer Gun And These Guns Are Specially For Long Range Fight So You Can Kill Enemies In Only One Headshot. Awm Is Most Powerful Sniper In Pubg Mobile If You Are Not Using This Then You Are Don’t Know About 

[table id=6 /]

Pubg Mobile Piston Guns Damage Stats

Piston Guns

Piston Is A Side Weapon In Pubg Mobile If You Taken A Sniper Or A AR Gun Then You Have Must Take A Piston Weapon It Helps You A Lot In Your Game.


[table id=4 /]

Pubg Mobile Melee And Other Weapon Damage Stats

[table id =7/]


Some Questions About PUBG MOBILE Guns 


Which Gun Is Best In Pubg?

I Think M249 Or Awm Is The Best Gun For Pubg Mobile


Which Is The Best Gun Combination For A Assaulter In Pubg ?

According To My Experience, Akm + M416 Is The Best Combo For A Assaulter.


Which Is The Best AR Gun In Pubg ?

m416, Because This Gun Is Best For Close, Medium Or Long Range Fight.



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