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Pubg Mobile Launch A New Nusa Map Soon In 2.2 Version

Pubg Mobile Always makes changes in every update so pubg mobile 2.2 version update will be released next month.

In this update, we can see a New Map named Nusa. This map is only for 10 Mins and the length is 1km x 1km.

so we can say that Nusa is one of the smallest map of the pubg mobile.

Till now the smallest map in Pubg Mobile used to be Livik but now it will replace Livik with Nusa map, so let’s know what is special in this map, what is the new feature, we know all those things.

New Shotgun

A New Shotgun was added in Pubg Mobile that’s name is NS2000. This shotgun is made for long-range fire so that you can kill the enemy easily.

Auto Recoil

Autorecoil is also live is this map so if you play duo & squad match then it works for you whenever you die you automatically will recoil. That’s Cool!

New Tactical Crossbow

A tactical Crossbow is a crossbow-type weapon but if you use a Tactical Crossbow weapon you can burn any house and you can also kill the enemy with the help of this weapon.

Swimming Pool

You will see swimming pools in many areas so that you can bath here Lol.

New Motor Bike

You will see a new two-wheeler vehicle on this map. Believe me, this one is so smooth

ZipLine Repair System

Now you can repair the zipline easily. You have to just click on the repair button and boom guys your zipline will be okay.

Damage By Teammates

This feature is not so good because you will kill you easily with this feature. Let me explain to you that your teammate gives your damage by punch and you also give you damage by using a punch.

So personally I don’t like this feature when I create a video for my channel many teammates kill me that’s not good.

Balls In Water Side

You will see many balls in the waterside area. you can destroy these balls with the help of a punch and also you can do fire.

Lift In Apartments

You will see lifts in Apartments you can go to the top by using a lift machine and you will see a special bot in the top room.

so these are the features In pubg mobile New Nusa Map. That will come in Pubg Mobile 2.2 Update.

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