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Shocking Organizational Restructuring at Asus Sparks Controversy and Layoffs

In a surprising turn of events, Asus, a renowned global player in the realm of PCs and smartphones, has left the world in awe with its unexpected organizational shakeup.

Despite vowing no job cuts, the company has taken a different path, leading to workforce reductions across various sectors.

This perplexing move has ignited a flurry of speculations concerning the company’s strategic motives, the aftermath for its employees, and its future direction.

Adding to the shock, it has been unveiled that Asus is bidding farewell to its Zenfone series of smartphones.

Asus Shakes Its Foundation with Organizational Overhaul

June witnessed Asus distributing an internal communiqué to its workforce, disclosing an impending organizational transformation.

While assuring its employees of job security, the company discreetly downsized its PC division in July, causing waves across both its Taiwan and Suzhou, China locations.

Astonishingly, this isn’t the culmination of the company’s downsizing endeavors.

Recent revelations from an insider with insider knowledge have divulged that key units within the commercial department were tipped off about a substantial downsizing maneuver.

The impact of this move is far-reaching, affecting crucial teams like engineering and procurement, resulting in an astounding 50% reduction in the workforce.

Broken Promises and Uncertainty Prevail

Asus had originally articulated a vision of relocating the commercial computer team to the mobile phone product division.

Nevertheless, insiders familiar with the situation have unveiled a stark reality: even individuals recently integrated into the mobile phone unit haven’t been spared from the chopping block.

Amidst this turmoil, the company had initially pledged to make efforts to reassign impacted employees to vacant positions within the organization.

However, recent reports paint a different picture—Asus’ HR department seems passive in this endeavor, placing the onus on employees to proactively scout suitable internal openings.

Unveiling the Underlying Motives

Delving into the perplexing question of why employees who were transferred to the mobile phone unit were subsequently laid off holds revealing answers. It’s a known fact that Asus’ mobile phones are neatly categorized into the ROG and Zenfone series.

However, the bombshell is that the upcoming Zenfone 10 model is anticipated to mark the swan song of the Zenfone series.

This significant development implies that the Zenfone team will either be assimilated into other wings of the organization or seamlessly merged into the ROG team in the coming days.

Brace yourselves, as the ongoing wave of layoffs within Asus’ commercial division is projected to persist until the forthcoming month.

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