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The Honor 90 5G Smartphone Leaks

In the world of smartphones, exciting news is on the horizon for tech enthusiasts and photography aficionados in India.

Honor is making a triumphant return to the Indian market, and it’s doing so with a bang – the introduction of the Honor 90 5G smartphone.

While the precise launch date remains undisclosed, the brand has already begun dropping hints about its remarkable features on Amazon India.

What’s even more thrilling is the confirmation that, just like its global counterpart, the Indian Honor 90 smartphone will feature a stunning 200MP primary camera.

A Pioneering Camera Announcement

The news about the 200MP camera came straight from Honor’s HTech Twitter account, sending ripples of excitement through the tech world.

This camera is speculated to be none other than Samsung’s formidable 200MP ISOCELL HP3 sensor, previously seen in phones like the Realme 11 Pro+.

However, there’s an intriguing twist: despite the camera’s remarkable prowess, the global version of the phone cannot record video in 4K at 60fps or 8K.

It’s highly likely that this limitation will also apply to the Indian version, but the sheer resolution of the camera promises breathtaking photos.

Unveiling the Honor 90’s Specs

Let’s dive deeper into the specifications that make the Honor 90 an irresistible choice for smartphone enthusiasts. The phone boasts a generous 6.7-inch FHD+ OLED screen, coupled with a swift 120Hz refresh rate that guarantees exceptionally smooth visuals.

Under the hood, you’ll find the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 processor, ensuring snappy performance. Additionally, you have the option to choose configurations with a whopping 12GB of RAM and a capacious 512GB of storage, catering to the needs of power users.

When it comes to power, the Honor 90 doesn’t disappoint, featuring a robust 5,000mAh battery. What sets it apart is the inclusion of rapid 66W fast charging support, ensuring you spend less time tethered to a charger and more time enjoying your device.

Now, let’s focus on the camera system. The 200MP main camera is complemented by a 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture breathtaking landscapes and group photos with ease.

Additionally, there’s a 2MP macro lens for those up-close and personal shots. For selfie enthusiasts and video callers, the Honor 90 offers a high-resolution 50MP front camera that promises stunning self-portraits and crystal-clear video calls.


In conclusion, the Honor 90 5G smartphone’s impending launch in the Indian market is an event to look forward to.


When will the Honor 90 be officially launched in India?

The precise launch date has not been disclosed yet, but the brand has hinted at its features on Amazon India.

What is the standout feature of the Honor 90 smartphone?

The standout feature of the Honor 90 is its impressive 200MP primary camera.

Can the Honor 90 record 4K video at 60fps or 8K?

No, despite its powerful camera, the global version of the phone cannot record video in 4K at 60fps or 8K, and this limitation is expected to apply to the Indian version as well.

What processor powers the Honor 90 smartphone?

The Honor 90 is powered by the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 processor, ensuring excellent performance.

What is the fast charging capability of the Honor 90?

The Honor 90 features rapid 66W fast charging support, allowing for quick recharges and less downtime.

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