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Battlegrounds Mobile India has been banned for a long time and till now no update has come on it.

BGMI is still running on version 2.1.0 and since BGMI game has been banned, there has been no update on it.

Although pubg mobile is currently running version 2.5 BGMI is still running the old version

Many people are feeling that BGMI’s new update 2.6 will come, then we will get it inside the BGMI game and many people are also feeling that with this new update, BGMI India Mein Unban will be done.

In today’s article, we will know whether the 2.6 version update will come in BGMI or not.

As you know, in July 2022, the Government of India banned BGMI from Play Store, now no user can download BGMI Game from Play Store.

And since the time the game has been banned, no new update has come inside this game and nothing has changed, as it was running before the ban, it is still running.

And let us tell you that when BGMI BAN happened then there was a 2.1 update inside BGMI and after that, all versions of Pubg Mobile are getting updates normally Pubg Mobile has just got a 2.5 update and in the coming few days Pubg Mobile’s 2.6 updates will also be released in

The update of 2.6 has also come in Pubg Mobile Beta and many people have also downloaded it. If you do not know how you can play Pubg Mobile Beta, then you can read our article in which we told you How will you download Pubg Mobile Beta and how will you get access to it

So BGMI is still running the ancient version and since then many updates have come in the version of Pubg Mobile and Pubg Mobile and Unban news of bgmi Game keeps coming but till now BGMI Unban has not happened.

If BGMI Game is unbanned in the coming few days then you will get 2.6 update of BGMI which you can update and you can play whatever new features are coming.

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