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Xiaomi's Game-Changing AX3000T Router Will Blow Your Mind!

In a recent revelation, Xiaomi has introduced its most recent iteration of a router, the AX3000T, boasting an initial price tag of 189 yuan ($26), which is anticipated to ascend to 249 yuan ($34) in the near future.

Key Aspects of Xiaomi Router AX3000T:

The router pledges enhanced functionality by supporting the cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technology, bestowing extraordinary wireless velocities reaching a remarkable 3000 gigabits.

More specifically, when harnessing the dual frequencies of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the velocities have the potential to culminate at an impressive 2976Mbps.

The AX3000T router showcases a significant “2+1” architecture for its 5GHz antennas, bolstered by the innovative Xtra Range technology.

This unique arrangement augments signal potency, analogous to the effect of an added antenna. Consequently, it efficaciously surmounts challenges like feeble 5G signals permeating walls and eradicates zones of signal attenuation within domiciles.

Equipped with the advanced MediaTek Filogic 820 framework, the AX3000T router features a formidable 1.3GHz dual-core A53 processor.

This potent hardware engenders seamless operations, reduces CPU utilization, and guarantees steadfast connectivity for up to 128 devices, rendering it exceptionally fitting for technology-laden households.

Furthermore, the router is equipped with 256MB of RAM to heighten its comprehensive performance.

The AX3000T router comprises four comprehensive-gigabit Ethernet ports, accommodating both dual WAN and LAN port amalgamation.

This proves beneficial for residences equipped with multiple broadband connections. In conjunction with a dual-gigabit Ethernet-compatible NAS, users possess the ability to create a high-speed 2-gigabit private cloud drive.

In addition, the router extends the feature of mixed Mesh networking specifically tailored for Xiaomi/Redmi WiFi 6 routers, enabling seamless, millisecond-level transitions between up to 10 devices.

Furthermore, the AX3000T boasts an array of integrated security measures, including automatic interception of unauthorized internet access and restrictions on app/website accessibility.

NFC-enabled swift connection, IPTV network television, and multi-platform gaming acceleration stand among its other noteworthy offerings.

Per an official Weibo announcement from Xiaomi, pre-orders for the AX3000T have been initiated, and it is currently available across various platforms, including Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin,, Tmall, and Pinduoduo.

Xiaomi’s Game-Changing AX3000T Router Will Blow Your Mind!
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