Hey Pubg Lovers, In this article I’ll guide you, how you can find or get an Invitation Code for Beta Pubg Mobile?

Earlier beta Pubg Mobile was accessible to all but now you need an invitation code to log in to beta-version. This is not easy to get the beta version for everyone but In this post, I will tell you everything about Beta Pubg Mobile Invitation code.

Some Requirements To Play Beta Version Of Pubg Mobile

There are some requirements of Pubg mobile beta version If you follow these points then you can get easily access to Pubg Mobile Beta Version.

Here I am writing some things which you have to follow :

  1. You must have an old Pubg mobile account.
  2. Your highest rank should be Crown or Ace.
  3. Your game must have 50+ Level In your Pubg Account.

you have to follow these points. If you want to play beta pubg mobile.

If you don’t have these things then you can’t get access to beta pubg mobile.

Get Invitation Code For Beta Pubg Mobile

Now You have to download Pubg Mobile Global Version. In this version, you can see the invitation code option so that you must have to download pubg mobile Global.

you can download Pubg Mobile Global from here.

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After downloading the Pubg Mobile Global Follow these steps to get an Invitation code For Beta Pubg Mobile-

  • First, you have to open Pubg Mobile
  • Now Go To Event Section > Recommended Section
  • Here you can see Beta Test Invitation Option and click on the Get it button
  • Here you can see another button of generate code
  • Now paste this code in your Beta Pubg Mobile

so these are some steps to get an Invitation code For Pubg Mobile Beta. I hope you love this post!!

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