10 Best Free EBooks Downlaod Sites

Best 10 Websites For Download EBooks?

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Hey Are You A Book Reader Or Want To Read Many Ebooks Free Of Cost?

If Yes then you are on a right track.

In this article I will give you 10 Best Free Ebook Download Sites so that you can download your book and read it in Pdf format.

So let’s move in to main content that is Best 10 Websites For Download Ebooks?.

While everything is online, why are books expected to stay away from this digital storm?

Books have joined the digital platforms, making it easier for the readers to access them anywhere, anytime!

It requires only a click to read your favorite book from the digital library instead of traveling to the library.

10 Best Free eBook Download Sites


Overdrive is one of the most prominent and fastest ways to access ebooks without facing any legal issues.

Overdrive not only consists of public domains, but it also consists of the newest released mainstream titles.

To access all these books, you must have a valid card or a student. The list of books is also updated daily, so you don’t miss anything.

Library Genesis

Library genesis allows you to search for free reading materials such as ebooks, articles, etc.

There are more than 3 million ebooks and 60 million pieces.

The website contains fiction and nonfiction books as library genesis acts like a search engine, so browsing is impossible.

The closest thing you can do is to select the author dropdown in the navigation bar to browse easily.

Centsless Book

Unlike the other sites on this list, CentslessBooks is a curator-aggregator of free Kindle books on Amazon.

Its mission is to make it easy for you to stay on top of all the free ebooks available from online retailers.

But some ebooks listed on countless books are only free if you are part of kindle unlimited.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is also an excellent option to read books online. Unlike other sites,

Project Gutenberg is not raised by a particular person, but it is built on charity.

Gutenberg offers you with more than 60000 books to read. Books are available to download in two forms, but if you don’t want to download, you can easily read them online. You can easily browse books here.


Manybooks is a nifty little free ebook download site that has been on the internet for around a decade.

The website consists of every type of book to read on. Its purpose is to provide a library of free and discount books.

Earlier, its content was seated by Gutenberg, but now as it is a different site so you will find many more ebooks.

If you are not sure to read about which type, then you can see the book ratings.


Feedbooks have a massive collection of books with over one million ebooks to read on, but unfortunately, only some are free while other half books on the website are paid.

As the distribution between paid and non paid is surprisingly even, you will find the public domain, short stories, and a lot of original titles are fan fiction. But after some research, you will find some good stories to read.


PDFBOOKSWORLD features all the major ebook formats- epub, Mobi, and pdf. Well, many people prefer epub and Mobi instead of pdf to read books.

But if you love books in pdf form, then you must munch on this site. The collection of books is a little less than others in the list, but the site ensures that all will be in pdf format.

In less collection also, the site contains the right amount of classic books to read.

Open library

The site has an easily searchable directory of all the free ebooks available on the internet archive.

You might be a little shocked after knowing the number of books that are available on the site. The entire library of the site is quite near to 1.5 million items.

You can read books of various genres, such as- romance, horror, kids, etc. you can easily find books while lurking in the catalog. This site is open-source, and if you want, you can edit information about books.


Free-Ebook.net is one of the best free ebook download sites. The site offers thousands of free ebooks.

There are various categories to munch on a lie- fiction, romance, etc. To download books,

  • you need to create a free account.
  • after creating an account,
  • you can download five books a month.
  • Unlike other websites, there are also books in different languages.

International Children’s Digital Library

If your kid is a bookaholic and you have to spend masses of money, International Children’s Digital Library Offers your kid the right amount of books at free of cost.

The books on the site are available in different reading levels and difficulty. You can also browse publications by their cover color.

The books are available in four languages-

  • English
  • Persian
  • German
  • Yiddish

So if you know these language then this website is best for you.

I hope you love this content or also love these free ebooks downloading sites. If Am I Right then you can share our blog with your friends.

Okay Now Bye Take Care 🙂

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