How To Install Pubg KR 2.5 In IOS Devices?

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Hi Pubg Kr Lovers,

In this article, I’ll guide you on how you can download and install Pubg Korean (KR) Version On Ios Devices so simply I can say that you can download and install Pubg Kr Version On IPhones/IPads.

Many gamers ask me about that, how am I installing Pubg Kr Version In My iPhone/iPad, Sahitya told you the step-by-step guide for android users but you can’t say anything for Ios Users, Why?

So Dude! I don’t have an Ios device to test how to download Pubg Kr so I didn’t tell you but right now I Bought an iPhone 12.

Now you can comment on anything about Ios Devices, I’ll help you as soon as possible. Okay?

Okay Fine,

Now Let’s move into the topic that is How To Download & Install Pubg Kr Latest Version In IOS Devices.

So if you want to play Pubg Kr On your iPhone/IPad, So you have to do some little Changement On your Ios Device.

Follow my all steps carefully so that you didn’t get any type of error.

What Is Pubg Mobile Korean(KR) Version?

First of all, let me tell you a little bit about the PUBG Kr Version,

So Pubg Kr is a South Korean game Developed by Krafton. PUBG was banned by the country of South Korea so Krafton do some changes and launch a new version of Pubg Mobile Global.

Game NamePubg Mobile (Korean Version)
Game Size 2GB (Approx)
Version 2.5
Last Update14 March 2023
Available OnApp Store
CompatibilityRequires iOS 9.0 or later.
DeveloperKRAFTON, Inc.
Pubg mobile KR 2.5 version details in iphone

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Steps To Download Pubg Mobile Kr Version In IPhones/IPad

Now I’ll tell you how you can play this game on your iPhone/IPad.

Follow my all steps carefully if you miss anything then you can’t download pubg KR version On your device.

First, you have to go to Apple App Store and go to the account setting

After that click on the Country/Region Option & again click on Change Country Option.

Now Select Korea, Republic Of Country & accept the agreement form

After that, Fill in your account details (Check My Table Below).

Full NameYour NAME
Post Code100-001
Phone82 124578457
Payment OptionNone

so that’s the only actual process of installing Pubg Mobile Kr Version On Ios Devices.

You can also update your game by following this method, anytime.

I hope guys love this method & if you have any kind of query please leave a comment.

Bye, Take Care.


  1. It’s very nice and informative. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.This blog has made me aware of different programs which can become very useful for our friends and kids.

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