In this article, I’ll tell you how you can fix Your Device Is Overheating Mobile Data,WiFi hotspots, GPS & Camera Will Be Restricted in your Android smartphone.

In today’s time, many Android users complain that they get this problem as soon as they turn on their cameras.

You get this problem when your phone heats up.

So here you have two solutions to fix this error lemme explain to you guys how you can fix this.

First Solution

You have to clean up your phone means you have to clear your ram, clean your useless files, Uninstall useless apps, etc.

So if your phone is clean then it will not heat up as much so you can use your camera properly but this is not the permanent solution of this problem

because sometimes weather is too hot so you can face that problem again try my second method to fix this issue.

Second Method

Now I’ll tell you the best solution of this problem so you can use any third party camera application then your problem will be solved.

I have been doing it for a long time in Isco, so I am sure this trick will work for you too. I’ll recommend you a best camera application for you install it and give us feedback.

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