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Complete Chapters List Of It Takes Two

“It Takes Two” is a video game developed by Hazelight Studios. It is a co-op game where players take on the roles of Cody and May, a couple whose marriage is on the brink of falling apart, it follows the story of their adventure through different fantastical worlds as they try to find a way to come together and save their relationship.

The game is divided into several chapters, each of which takes place in a different fantastical world that represents a different aspect of the couple’s relationship.

The exact number of chapters in the game is not specified, but it’s generally considered to have around 10-12 chapters depending on the playstyle, each chapter takes around 1-2 hours to complete. The game also includes mini-games and puzzles to solve.

Here are the names of some of the chapters of the game:

Chapters List Of ‘It Takes Two

  1. “Welcome Home” – Introduces the game’s protagonists, Cody, and May, who are on the brink of divorce
  2. “The Toybox” – The players take on the roles of dolls in a child’s playroom, where they discover the hidden world of their daughter’s imagination.
  3. “The Mind” – The players dive into the subconscious of one of the characters, where they encounter their own inner selves.
  4. “The Treehouse” – The players enter the world of the treehouse, where they explore the memories of the couple’s past and their childhoods.
  5. “The Lighthouse” – The player’s journey to the lighthouse, represents the couple’s need for security and stability in their relationship.
  6. “The Carousel” – The players ride a carousel, which represents the idea of going in circles and not being able to move forward in their relationship
  7. “The Family Room” – The players enter the family room, where the couple remembers the happier times in their marriage
  8. “The Aquarium” – The players journey to an underwater world, representing the emotions and feelings that are deep beneath the surface in their relationship.
  9. “The Lab” – The players enter the laboratory, representing the attempts to fix and change their relationship through therapy and other means.
  10. “The Movie Theater” – The players enter the movie theater, representing the different perspectives on the couple’s relationship.
  11. “The End” – The final chapter of the game where the couple comes to the realization and finds a way to save their relationship.

Each chapter has different gameplay mechanics and puzzles, as well as a distinct visual style. As players progress through the game, they will also unlock new abilities and skills that will help them solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

The game also has a multiplayer option, where two players can play together and complete the game in co-op mode.

How Many Chapters Are In It Takes Two Games?

The exact number of chapters in the game is not specified, but it’s generally considered to have around 10-12 chapters depending on the playstyle

How Much Time Taken To Complete A Chapter In It Takes Two?

Each chapter takes around 1-2 hours to complete

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