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Jonathan Sensitivity Code BGMI 2024

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Every Bgmi & Pubg Players Knows About Jonathan and How he finishes the squad in tournaments so In this article I’ll give you Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Settings Codes and Controls Codes.

So that you can use his controls to improve your skills in the Bgmi game, so Let’s Move into the main topic: what is Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity & Controls?

Jonathan BGMI UsernameDontCRYYY
Jonathan BGMI ID5298394296
Jonathan Control Code6983-8879-3515-7307-128
Jonathan Sensitivity Code6983-8879-3515-7307-129
Jonathan TeamGodLike ESports
Jonathan RoleAssaulter (M416 Specialist)
Jonathan K/D Ratio5+
Jonathan TierConqueror (Maximum Level)
Jonathan DeviceiPhone 13 Pro Max (Always Latest Apple Device)
Jonathan bgmi details

GodLike Jonathan Control Layout

GodLike Jonathan Control Layout

Jonathan Camera Settings

3rd Person No Scope120%
1st Person No Scope104%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist30%
2x Scope24%
3x Scope, Win9414%
4x Scope, VSS12%
6x Scope8%
8x Scope10%

Jonathan ADS Settings

3rd Person No Scope50%
1st Person No Scope51%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist20%
2x Scope26%
3x Scope, Win9424%
4x Scope, VSS30%
6x Scope12%
8x Scope12%

Jonathan Free Look Settings

3rd Person Camera (Character, Vehicle)100%
1st Person Camera (Character)100%
Camera (Parachuting)70%

Jonathan Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope300%
1st Person No Scope100%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist300%
2x Scope300%
3x Scope, Win94240%
4x Scope, VSS235%
6x Scope210%
8x Scope80%

Jonathan ADS Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope300%
1st Person No Scope300%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist100%
2x Scope100%
3x Scope, Win94300%
4x Scope, VSS300%
6x Scope240%
8x Scope260%

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Settings & Controls Codes

Now let me provide you Jonathan Sensitivity Settings & Controls Codes so that you can direct paste them into your game and copy all the sensitivity & controls in just one click.

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code

Jonathan BGMI Controls Code

I hope guys, you love this article so if you have any problem with this article then Do a comment. Thanks.7

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