Recover Hacked Google Account

[Secert Tips] How To Recover Hacked Google Account?

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Hey, Your Google Account has been hacked or all the recovery has also changed of your account? and you are not able to access your account?

If yes, then this article is only for you. I’ll help you to get back your account again.

In this article, I’ll share my all the experience that how I Recovered my hacked Google account. So please read this article carefully.

How To Recover Hacked Google Or Gmail Account?

In this post, I will not talk about how your account was hacked, what have you done. You only know what happened.

My Google Account was also hacked by someone at the starting of 2021. I recovered my account in just 3-4 days with the help of google.

They changed my recovery phone number, recovery email address or also change my password and log out my account from everywhere.

I was so worried about that because that was my personal account. Everything is in it.

Do you know what happens when your account is hacked?

Now finally my account is recovered. So let’s start, how do I do that?

After doing these processes you need all the information about your account.

Example :

  • How You Create This Google Account? (Approximately)
  • What Is Your Recovery In Your Account?
  • Exactly how you lost your account?

Google needs to verify you so if you remember all the information then you can read this article.

Recover Your Account With Google Recovery?

If you are sure about your recovery that you can go with this special link.

If you have any access to your account then try this method.

This Recovery link is provided by the official google team.

  • Go with this link Google Account Recovery
  • Type your email and enter your last password.
  • If your last password is correct then do some security verification
  • After these process account will be recovered.

(If this method doesn’t work for you and showing any error then try this second method to get back your Gmail account from the hackers.)

you are trying to sign in on a device google doesn't recognize error

Recover Your Google Account With The Help Of Special Recovery?

If you have no access to Google Account then try this second method to recover your account.

This method is also the same as the first one but the link is changed.

Try to get recover your Google Account with this special link. This link is also provided by Team Google.

Recover Your Google Account With This Special Method

If your account is not recovered yet, don’t worry. This method is amazing, it will get your account back 100%.

I also try this method to get back my account so please do these steps carefully.

So first of all If you have any channel on your Hacked Gmail then copy the Channel’s Original URL.

Like my channel’s URL is
Similarly, your channel will also have a URL Copy It. (You can follow these steps with any active Gmail Account)

After that open your YouTube Application Or Website click on your profile and search for the option “Help”.

Click on the help button and you can see Contact with YouTube Support Team.

So Simple click and Type your information and also give your hacked channel URL link and also type your all the problems and send it.

Within 24 hours they will contact you They will contact the Gmail you gave them to contact.

YouTube Help Support
YouTube Help Support

Sometimes It’s late so Don’t worry about that. Contact with YouTube team you have to tell all the information about your channel or your account. They Help you in this matter also recover your Google account with the help of the Google team.

If you’re not getting YouTube Support, So I’ll Provide YouTube Team Gmail Account, Simple you can type your all the problems and send them to this mail

YouTube Support Team Email[email protected]
YouTube Email For Support

If you don’t have any channel on your Gmail account so what will you do?, for that follow my next trick to contact with direct Google Team.

I’ll provide you Google Support Team’s Email.

Google Support Team Email[email protected]
Google Email For Support

You have to type a detailed mail for your hacked account and send it to Google Team.

Within 48 hours Google Team contact you via your active Gmail and they asked some questions to verify your account.

Some Questions I provided you, If You know all the information about your account then you can tell them. They will help you.

within 1 week (Approx.) you got this type of email if your Information was correct.

Google Support Message
Image Credit: IconicTechs (Original Image)

so simply click on the Reset Password button and create your new password and confirmed it.

After all the processes your account will be Recovered. So now you can change all the recovery all don’t forget to remove your account from all the locations.

Can We Recover Our Hacked Google Account?

Yes, you can recover your hacked account. My Account was also hacked by someone and after sometimes it’s recovered by Google Team. If you want to know how you can get back your account so please follow my tips. This is my personal experience.

How To Recover Hacked Gmail Account?

You have to just follow these steps. In this article, I’ll explain everything about your issue.

I hope these tips working for you. If you got your hacked account back with the help of my these trick then you can put lovely comments for me 🙂

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